Our network of
funding round specialists

To complete your project, we engage experts from within our professional network.

These people have been in your position before - either as founders, VC investors or advisors - and can power-up your funding round.

People who have been there before

Fundraising is a complicated process requiring financial, sales and process management expertise. We work with specialists from venture capital, banking and scale-up backgrounds to save you time and optimise your outcome.

Ex-founders who have scaled businesses

Entrepreneurs who have scaled a business, raising several rounds of capital and then exiting.

Ex-venture capital investors

Decision makers on the investment teams of Europe's leading venture capital firms.

Ex-investment bankers or lawyers

Advisors who understand the technical mechanics of a funding round.

Meet some of our specialists

Planning to fundraise?
A punchy overview of the key worksteams of an early-stage, venture capital-led funding round.