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A winning culture underpins every successful operation. Our specialists will help you design, refine and monitor culture within your organisation.

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Your business has grown and you've hired some fantastic people - now you need an operating ethos that shapes them into a productive and fulfilled team. Unite your people under a shared set of values, while developing talent and tracking satisfaction.

Our freelance People & Culture specialists translate your ethos into a high-impact plan, and then deliver it.

How we develop your human resources

Karen M.
Fintech, Head of People

We used Ithaca to improve how we operate as an organisation over a six-months project, redefining our company culture and establishing a shift towards outcome-focused practices.

The experts had remarkable profiles, most with 15+ years of experience and extensive track records working in blue-chip organisations.

The project management tool helped us outline and negotiate a clear outline from the start, leaving no room for ambiguity or scope creep.

Our specialist was brilliant. He supported from conception and strategy, all the way to implementation, down to monthly sessions with staff to review progress, address issues and share success stories with leaders.

Federico T.
Software, COO

Ithaca delivered a comprehensive strategy to improve our D&I strategy and activation.

We really enjoyed working with our expert. She got underneath the skin of the business, internalised our culture and devised a thoughtful and all-rounded strategy and implementation plan.

In addition, she provided a complementary skill set to our in-house talent – a natural addition to the team, bringing a unique viewpoint onboard.

Areas of People & Culture expertise

Learning and development

  • L&D strategy
  • Company wide skill assessment
  • Future-proof strategy

Performance and Incentives

  • Performance analytics
  • Management info and insights
  • Incentive management

Talent and Acquisition

  • Staff future-proofing strategy
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Onboarding specialist

Culture and Values

  • Culture assessment and change
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Leadership training and development

Diversity and Inclusion

  • D&I assessment
  • D&I Learning and Upskilling
  • Action intervention strategy

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Completing projects on Ithaca


Focused on results - the location and working pattern of the worker are no longer relevant.


Highly accessible - to unlock the expertise of to-date marginalised demographics (parents, disabled people).


Minimum friction - an efficient process from project inception, to matching and completion. Days to start, not weeks.
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