Approaching investors

Fundraising process

A fundraising process can be time-consuming for a management team. Find out about the fundraising process, due diligence and investors' expectations.

What do investors expect?

Even after all the upfront preparation and after you have refined your equity story, prepared investor materials and finalised your business plan, a fundraising process can be time-consuming for a management team.


If you have spent time upfront developing a credible and ambitious business case and if you have a compelling equity story, your company will likely be attracting interest from a range of investors.


Financial investors will want to hold several meeting with management and perform diligence on your company to gain comfort around the business which they are investing in, as well as to firm up their view on valuation and be in a position to make an attractive offer.


During a due diligence process, each investor will have their own questions - in a process where you are interacting with a multitude of buyers, it is not uncommon to be faced with hundreds of different questions.


Key questions to answer when you raise funds

You will also need to be prepared to answer a range of questions about your business. On a most basic level, topics of interest might be:

  • Business model?
  • Current revenues and growth rates?
  • Customer behaviour and trends?
  • Cash burn rate and runway?
  • Market size and market share?
  • Competitive landscape and competitive advantage?

You will need to have a clear understanding of each investor's timelines and what they are looking for, to keep track of all the interested investors and which information each party is interested in receiving. Therefore, it is important to bring a coordinated process.


You can expect to work on:

  • Keeping contact with investors throughout the diligence process and tracking your conversations
  • Preparing tailored analysis to answer questions
  • Managing a virtual data room. This will involve: deciding what information to disclose to investors (in many cases preparing this from scratch) as well     as staging timing of the release
  • Managing due diligence streams, including meetings with multiple investors

Besides the added value of helping you to position your business and presenting it to investors in the right way, our specialists can help you manage workstreams around process coordination, saving you precious time so that you can focus on running your business.

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Arun K.
Jewellery business, Founder

Ithaca was able to provide hands-on support to put together a financing plan in very little time.

Through the platform, we were connected to a handful of freelancers based on their affinity for our business model and their backgrounds (it was great to see all had blue-chip financial institutions backgrounds).

Our specialist was pragmatic and results-oriented – she understood our business inside out and was able to deliver with minimal oversight.

The app was user-friendly, intuitive and real added value, as it helped us navigate all the steps of the project, from matching and outline, to delivery, to payment and completion.

Tomás L.
Hardware technology company, Founder

We wanted to update our internal operating model and perform a valuation analysis on our business.

Our specialist did a great job of pinning down the key drivers of our company and remodelling projections using a more realistic, simpler framework.

The valuation analysis was extremely detailed and touched on all the key valuation methodologies.

It is not our first time using freelancers or freelance platforms in the past, but the end-to-end focus on project delivery made Ithaca a fundamentally different, superior experience.