Seed - Series B
funding round guide

Raising capital

Steps to fundraising success

Phase 1: Preparing for a Funding Round

A successful fundraise often begins long before the first contact is made with potential investors.

Deeply understanding the core appeal of your business, reflecting that in a concise pitch and preparing a dynamic financial model are all important steps of preparation.


Craft an equity story that attracts investors

Investors need to see that your company is set up for success. A compelling equity story will help your company to attract investors and top-class talent.
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Advantages of a great financial model

A business plan that has been reflected in a flexible financial model can be a powerful tool - both for attracting investment but also tracking performance.
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Gathering information for fundraising

Gathering and preparing information, an important part of your fundraising preparation, will help you develop your equity story, refine projections, and prepare for due diligence.
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Phase 2: Approaching investors

In the dynamic field of growth business financing, investors come in all different forms.

Identifying which pool of capital is best suited to your business, then developing the right approach to target it, will increase your chances of success (and save you a whole lot of time!)


Finding the right type of investment for your business

Finding the right investor for your business can be a long journey. The first step is to understand your financing options and then focus on understanding the investor audience.
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Choosing an investor should be seen as selecting a partner

It is important to see an investor in your business as a partner who will join you on your entrepreneurial journey.
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Different steps of the fundraising process

A fundraising process can be time-consuming for a management team. Find out about the fundraising process, due diligence and investors' expectations.
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Phase 3: Structure & closing

You have receive indications of interest from investors and you now have an important decision to make - which of your potential partners are best suited to join you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Our experts can help you assess the relative merits of each proposal, then focus the negotiations onto the factors that matter most to you.


Comparing offers of investment

You have successfully presented your business and one, or more, investors has sent you a term sheet. Here is what you need to consider.
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Negotiating a fundraising term sheet

Term sheets are the foundation for binding legal documents. Understand how to navigate and analyse the technical aspects, allowing you to get the best from your investors.
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Legal documents needed for a Seed / Series A fundraise

To close an investment round, businesses need to provide investors with a series of legal documents. Here's a list of the required fundraising documents - let us know if you need a hand with any!
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Arun K.
Jewellery business, Founder

Ithaca was able to provide hands-on support to put together a financing plan in very little time.

Through the platform, we were connected to a handful of freelancers based on their affinity for our business model and their backgrounds (it was great to see all had blue-chip financial institutions backgrounds).

Our specialist was pragmatic and results-oriented – she understood our business inside out and was able to deliver with minimal oversight.

The app was user-friendly, intuitive and real added value, as it helped us navigate all the steps of the project, from matching and outline, to delivery, to payment and completion.

Tomás L.
Hardware technology company, Founder

We wanted to update our internal operating model and perform a valuation analysis on our business.

Our specialist did a great job of pinning down the key drivers of our company and remodelling projections using a more realistic, simpler framework.

The valuation analysis was extremely detailed and touched on all the key valuation methodologies.

It is not our first time using freelancers or freelance platforms in the past, but the end-to-end focus on project delivery made Ithaca a fundamentally different, superior experience.

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