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We are on a mission to reshape professional work and unlock the potential of Europe's best and brightest independent professionals.

Ithaca can help you achieve your goals and build a high-impact, flexible career. If you share our belief on how work should work, and are keen to join the movement - please do get in touch!

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We believe that there is a more efficient, more modern and more inclusive way to deliver professional work.

Why is this important?

Using the current system, forged in the factories of the 18th Century, the buyers and sellers of professional work face a range of frustrating inefficiencies.

Ithaca is designed to solve many of these issues. We partner with you, the flexible talent driving the freelance revolution, to help you in all aspects of your freelance career.

How does Ithaca help?

In two ways.

Firstly, we provide a project delivery tool designed to streamline complicated freelance projects. Let us help you prepare a detailed scope of work and then take care of tracking, payments and invoicing. We can also help you hire other freelance professionals for your client work.

Secondly, we provide a community that delivers the fuel that you need to be successful. From support and advice to access to the tools and space that you need - more coming soon!

How does Ithaca make freelancing better?

Absolute flexibility
Work when, where and how suits you best. Ithaca contracts are based on output, and that is all that matters!
Don't work alone
Build teams around you to take on more ambitious projects, unlocking greater earnings and growing your career.
A supportive ecosystem
Built to help you make the most out of a remote career. From peer support to professional advice and resources.
Integrated payment
Engage other freelance specialists on your client projects - using our integrated payment from and invoicing.
Robust Security
Fully compliant with data standards - documents hosted on DigitalOcean.
Payment protection
Client money deposited at project launch and held in escrow. As Milestones are completed through the project, payment will be released.

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Hear from our members
Jack T.
CEO, fintech platform

I have used freelancers from some of the other platforms before, but this experience was completely different! Ithaca feels a lot more thought-through, from the matching to the project design.

Beatrice F.
Social media specialist

I found Ithaca reliable and lean in terms of workflow organisation. Every milestone and every step of the project can be recorded easily on the platform, with the dedicated client chats at each stage.

Hannah R.
COO, drinks brand

Ithaca helped me to deliver a (long-overdue) upgrade to the Shopify site I use for my fashion brand. The team were super helpful from start to finish - particular by creating a great shortlist of profiles!

Tomek K.
Supply chain specialist

Ithaca has supported me with my move into freelance work - both providing introductions to clients and also advice through the community. It's also great that they focus on higher-value work (an issue I had with other platforms)!

Rishi H.
CEO, clothing marketplace

I found a digital marketing freelancer on Ithaca. Unfortunately there were issues at and the project had to be altered. Despite this, the Ithaca team quickly got us back on track with a new project!

George T.
Financial analysis specialist

I really like how Ithaca projects are designed around output, rather than time spent. It's also great how easily changes in project scope can be made and reflected in the contracts.