What projects can I complete on Ithaca?

Ithaca is a community of professionals who value flexibility and are passionate about using collaboration to deliver excellent outcomes. Our membership focuses on high-value, creative or judgement-led services. Within these areas we are building a roster of services that can be booked on either a one-off or a recurring basis.

What if I am not satisfied with the output?

It is important that everyone is on the same page from the beginning of a project and this is reflected in our scoping process. Where differences do occur, these are highlighted early through milestone reviews and resolved through our Account Managers and dispute process.

Is there a trial period?

Yes - after a project has been launched you are protected an initial trial period. If we have missed our goals and failed to match you to a suitable freelancer, please contact your Account Manager as soon as possible. From here, you may either cancel the project and receive a full refund, or begin the search for an alternative freelance team leader.

How does Ithaca make money?

We try and align our interests to those of our clients and workers as much as possible. As such, we take a commission on project value and recognise the revenue only once the client has confirmed they are satisfied with a Milestone's output.

Is Ithaca different to other freelance platforms?

Most freelance platforms simply introduce you to freelancers, either through an 'open' marketplace or with some degree of vetting. At Ithaca we focus on making freelance contracting as efficient as possible - we carefully match client projects to specialists, ensure an output-focused scope is agreed and formalised, and provide an environment for collaboration.

How do payments work?

During the scoping and negotiation phases, you will obtain a clear view on what your project will achieve, when, and how much it will cost. In order to launch, you will prepay the value of the first Milestone (at least) which will be held in escrow by Ithaca. Payment is released to freelancers only after you have marked a Milestone as complete.

Who is my Account Manager?

We are a small but growing team - your Account Manager will be one of our core members. We believe that personal interaction has been sorely missing from the freelance marketplace model and are on a mission to change that with Ithaca!

Can I arrange onsite support?

In order to bring you the full potential of the distributed workforce, we are 100% remote. We also operate with an asynchronous-first communication policy - prioritising effective communication over immediate responses. This allows our workers to best manage their schedules.