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Varun is a seasoned venture capitalist turned operator with a track record of successful investment. He has worked with several founding teams to scale ideas. With over 10 years of experience in venture capital and private equity, Varun has a deep understanding of the investor landscape across stages and has helped numerous startups secure the funding needed to bring their ideas to fruition.

He enjoys understanding the drivers of profitability within a business and how different functions within a business connect together to perform most effectively. In addition to his expertise in fundraising, he is skilled in financial modelling, business planning and using data to inform business decisions and to drive growth.

Services provided through our network:
Equity story
Pitch deck drafting
Financial model
Investor mapping & intros
Investor management
Industry expertise:
Gaming and entertainment
Food, foodtech and agritech
Industry 4.0, IoT, hardware and robotics
Software and SaaS
Stage expertise:
  • Pre-seed funding
  • Seed funding
  • Series A funding
  • Series B funding
Professional experience:
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