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Szabi is a seasoned impact investor and venture builder, with over 13 years of experience in investment and corporate finance roles.

After starting his career at HSBC, he gained experience in several investment roles - first in the LatAm investment team at Rioforte, then to launch an impact equity fund focused on sub-Saharan tech companies and finally as Senior Investment Officer at SunFunder, a leading Nairobi-based funder providing innovative debt financing for solar enterprises.

He also has operational experience as Head of Corporate Finance at Rensource, a Nigerian decentralised energy infrastructure.

Services provided through our network:
Equity story
Financial model
Investor mapping & intros
KPI strategy and tracking
Business valuation
Investor management
Pitch deck drafting
Industry expertise:
Food, foodtech and agritech
Digital health
Climate tech, energy and greentech
Stage expertise:
  • Pre-seed funding
  • Seed funding
  • Series A funding
  • Series B funding
  • Series C funding
  • M&A
Professional experience:
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