Unlocking the power of flexibility

We are bringing the market for professional work up to date - we use our platform tool and a community of flexible workers to deliver projects that have output at their core.

A business books a project containing exactly what they need, a worker completes the project on a timeline agreed with the client but in a style that suits them.

How Ithaca delivers flexibility

Our tool

Facilitates high-impact projects - increases scalability and removes uncertainty.

Our marketplace

Managed for efficiency and built upon intelligent matching of specialists to projects.

Our community

Early adopters and supporters of the flexible working model - 1,500-strong today.

Meet our core team


Strong advocate of remote working and the need for professional 'employment' to be re-designed.


Sustainer of an output-focused workplace and believer in technology as a catalyst to radically improve modern employment.


Head of Content
Track record of bringing brands to life, until they think and speak in just the right tone.


Head of Acquisitions
Our leads hunter – she knows how to optimise a funnel like nobody’s business.


Head of People
Champion of culture, people and talent management. Successfully exited his first business.
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