Funding round champions.

Advice delivered by people who have been there before. Founders, VCs and advisors.
Ithaca is a network of successful ex-founders, ex-VCs and advisors for tailored funding round support. Advice, on your bench, exactly when you need it.

Platforms are great, but for some things you need people.
Our approach

How it works

I. Join our free community

Completely free to apply - we will ask you for an overview of your business and your latest funding materials (if you have them).

II. We'll help you develop a funding plan

If we think that our community can help you, we will set up a call to meet you and better understand your business. From here, we'll work together to develop your funding plan.

III. Leverage our network for support

When the time is right to launch your fundraising efforts, we can provide you with tailored support using our network of experts. Their efforts are priced on a competitive day rate, and vary depending on experience.

£500 / day for junior support
£700 / day for mid-level support
£900 / day for senior support

When we design a project with you, we focus on fit and efficiency - we really know the people in our network and pride ourselves on the matching!
Let's go

Key steps of a funding round

Each funding round is different, tailored to the company and the investors that they are targeting, but most feature the key elements outlined below.

Through our community, we help you understand and optimise your approach for each. A person-led service, delivered by those who have been there before.
Looking to raise capital?
Join our community for expert, tailored advice - delivered by people who have been there before.