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Remove the stress from delivering some of your most critical projects. Plug in freelance expertise, directly where you need it.
Our approach

Why use Ithaca?

Financial projects can make or break a business. For too long, access to professional advice has been limited to a small group of companies.

Ithaca democratises access to top-quality financial advice.

Where we can help

We connect ambitious businesses that are facing complicated challenges with Europe's growing network of independent finance professionals.

Our proven approach

Effective partnerships are based on a shared vision and common working ethos. We take care to match businesses to the right professionals to drive them to the next level.

Intelligent matching process

We seek to build lasting relationships with some of Europe's very best freelance financiers. An understanding of their project expertise, but also their individual approach, means we send you people that we are confident that you will like!

They like this as well, as we only ask them to submit a carefully thought-through proposal for projects where they have a high likelihood of success. A terryfying stat: freelancers on some of the large platforms spend more than 40% of their 'working' time pitching! We think that ours is a better way.

We wont send you hundreds of profiles - we'll send you a maximum of five, each with a fully scoped-out proposal.

Growth strategy & fundraising expert
With experience both as a successful founder and in venture capital, James is excellently placed to advise on ambitious growth plans.
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M&A expert
An experienced M&A investment banker, Ollie has successfully delivered transactions across the consumer, tech and industrial sectors.
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Strategic finance expert
Formerly a UK investment banker and the CFO of a VC-backed startup, George helps fast-growing businesses to unlock their growth agenda.
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1. Choose your expert
Book an introductory call with any, or all, of the experts.
2. Build your project together
Suggest amendments to scope, budget and timing if required.

A clear plan for your project

After all, a shared vision is important for an effective partnership. From receiving a thoughtful proposal, we help you to set up a clear, contractually-backed project.

Did a proposal catch your eye? Speak to the expert who prepared it and refine the project scope together.

When it comes to contracting for work, we believe that 'output' is a far better unit than 'time spent'. All Ithaca projects are based on project Milestones. Each specifies an output, the date on which it will be delivered and the cost of delivering it.

Of course plans do change and, when they do, Milestones can be added, edited or deleted. Note that both business and freelance expert need to agree to a change proposed via the platform.

We don't only match you to an expert, we provide the infrastructure for you to easily run your freelance project.

1. Choose your expert
Book an introductory call with any, or all, of the experts.
2. Build your project together
Suggest amendments to scope, budget and timing if required.
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