Urgent projects need flexible talent.
Fast. Vetted. Specialists.

Easily create and manage teams of freelance specialists with our purpose-built tool, pay only on completion.

Unlock the potential of Europe's top freelancers for your business.

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Ithaca is a system for ambitious businesses to complete critical projects using hand-picked, specialist freelancers.

The modern way to deliver professional projects

Powered by talent from leading scale-ups
Engage Europe's leading specialists on your most critical projects,
contract directly for output (and not time spent).
Create, manage and complete projects using Ithaca's purpose-built technology system. From AI-driven matching to invoicing and payments!
Secure contracts and deposit protection through an escrow system - pay only once the work has been completed.

Finally, a better* way to hire freelancers

Infinitely (and easily) scalable.

Project teams can engage other freelance specialists for flawless delivery.
Contract for output, not hours.

Using our Milestone structure and purpose-built, flexible project contracting.
Designed for output and efficiency.

From AI-driven matching to a friendly Account Manager - helping you focus on your project.
Complete flexibility
Designed to scale up or down seamlessly, depending on project needs.
Output focused contracting
Payment linked to output and not hours, using our Milestone project structure.
Intelligent matching
Careful matching of each client project to a shortlist of freelance specialists.
Integrated tools
Simplified project creation, management and payment using our purpose-built tools.
Robust Security
Fully compliant with data standards - documents hosted on DigitalOcean.
Supporting inclusion
Ithaca provides work for specialists regardless of their race, gender or beliefs.
*Less time (and money) spent, more impact received.

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What our clients say about us

Jack T.

I have used freelancers from some of the other platforms before, but this experience was completely different! Ithaca feels a lot more thought-through, from the matching to the project design.

Hannah R.

Ithaca helped me to deliver a (long-overdue) upgrade to the Shopify site I use for my fashion brand. The team were super helpful from start to finish - particular by creating a great shortlist of profiles!

Rishi H.

I found a digital marketing freelancer on Ithaca. Unfortunately there were issues at and the project had to be abandoned. Despite this, the Ithaca team quickly got us back on track with a new project!


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Key Features

Specialist freelance project management tool.

Easy Invoicing
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Expense Management
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Complete Visibility
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Streamlined payroll
Set up payroll and bonuses, and never be late on salaries.
Robust Security
Set up payroll and bonuses, and never be late on salaries.
Multi-currency functionality
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Global Support
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