Professional expertise, efficiently delivered.

Are you building high performing teams for a scale-up business and stuck between agency, hiring and transactional freelancing?

We will match you with a results-focused, flexible team that work to milestones, not hours.

This is the problem that we solve

Your business is expanding and your to-do list is growing fast - you need additional support. You are now faced by three imperfect options:

Hire an agency

Offers a full range of services.
Partners pitch and then disengage, also high fixed costs and therefore price.

Hire an employee

Guaranteed on-hand resource.
Time consuming and expensive to find, hire and train - c.£32,000 in the UK.

Transactional freelance

Quick and relatively cheap to set up.
Mixed results as matching is not done properly - you don't 'get' each other.

Our proven process to deliver results

You brief us
Tell us what you need to achieve and when you need it by, focus on outcomes - we can provide the steps.
We take it to our community
Our selection of the fantastic (and vetted) specialists in our community each prepare Milestone-based proposals.
We send you our shortlist
No more than five proposals, each hand-picked by our account management team. We'd like you to book a call with them.
You choose a proposal
You can then suggest amendments to the scope, date and cost of the Milestones proposed by the specialist - all captured in our flexible contracts.
Launch and achieve
By paying a deposit, that will be held in escrow until you mark Milestones as complete. Scale your project further, if you need to, through your dashboard.

Community is key

Ithaca is built on an ethos that work should be faster, fairer and more flexible - and this view unites our community.

Through co-operation, we know the specialist skills and particular working style of each of our members.

This enables us to send you five excellent matches (no more lists to review) and ensures there is strong ethos alignment every time!


  • Each specialist will propose a cost for each Milestone in their proposal. We aim to cover a selection of price points in our shortlist.
  • Ithaca adds a commission to the project value. Our commission is linked to your project's Milestones - we only get paid once your objectives have been met.