Funding round champions.

Advice delivered by people who have been there before. Founders, VCs and advisors.
Platforms are great, but for some things you need people.

Ithaca is a network of successful ex-founders, ex-VCs and advisors for tailored funding round support. Advice, on your bench, exactly when you need it.
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You are an ambitious founder, you've identified a market opportunity and you are pursuing it will all that you've got.

Your business needs capital to fuel its growth and you are expected to become an expert in raising it. While founders should always be the one to introduce the business to investors, expert advice on your positioning, materials and strategy can make or break your round.

Set your round up for success with Ithaca's network of funding round experts.

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Services provided by our network

Equity Story
Our teams can help you to develop a plan that outlines exactly how equity investors in your business will receive a return.

This exercise occurs at the beginning of a round and covers your market, growth aspirations and areas of risk.
Investor Presentation
Consolidating the key themes of your equity story into a clear, hard-hitting deck of slides is a challenging process.

Our experts will advise you on the messages that you need to hit in order to land your ideal investors.
Financial Model
A detailed, numerical view of a business. Your financial model will allow investors to assess the detail of your business' growth plans.
Business valuation
Receive a professional opinion on the value of your business. Based on intrinsic and relative valuation corporate finance methodologies.

A great resource to support your conversations with investors.
KPIs benchmark your company’s health and success. Analysing customer cohorts is key to understanding your customer’s behaviour and refining your product and marketing strategies.

Our specialists can help you prepare in-depth KPIs and cohorts analysis to perfect business performance.
Investor mapping
Finding the right investor for your business is the most important part of the fundraising process.

Our experts can advise you on the right type of investors and financing for your business and how to best approach them
VDR Management
If you are going to interact with multiple investors, you should consider setting up a virtual data room (VDR).

Streamline your due diligence process and obtain a better outcome by anticipating information requests, keeping investors engaged, increasing competition.
Legal documents
VC term sheets are the foundation for a deal - negotiating the right terms is fundamental.

Our specialists can provide you with an independent opinion on the terms you have received and help you optimise deal outcome.

Who do we work with?

To complete projects for clients, Ithaca draws on a network of finance professionals based across the UK and Europe. These people are selected based on their skills and experience of contributing to successful funding rounds.

Typically, our experts come from one of three backgrounds; either ex-founders who have successfully scaled a business through funding, ex-venture capital investors, or ex-advisors (investment bankers or lawyers).
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Our blog provides a full overview of the capital raising process, simplifying and avoiding unnecessary financial jargon wherever possible. Also featuring guest posts from some fantastic professionals that work with our clients.
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